EPS Loan of Assets

Edithvale Primary School (EPS) is providing school owned Laptops and iPads for students to borrow, where families have no other access to these devices for Remote Learning @ Home. Students added to this ‘event’ on Compass have had a parent request access to a device to use at home from 15th April until 26th June (or until such time as Remote Learning requirements are no longer in place in Victorian Schools).

With Parent Permission, students from Foundation to Year 6 can borrow a digital device (Laptops or iPad) from EPS owned resources.

Parents are expected to discuss the following with their children using school owned devices:

  • No social media usage is to occur using school devices
  • Students must adhere to previously signed Acceptable Use Agreement 2020
  • Students must not attempt to change any of the computer or iPad settings, as changes to the school account will affect all devices. This will have an impact on other students’ remote learning.
  • If connecting the device to the internet at home, it is the parent’s responsibility to filter content (DET and EPS filtering software would be reduced when devices are connected to networks other than the school)

Additional information & guidelines:

  1. Laptops or iPads MUST be signed out by a parent. Devices will not be handed over to students without a parent present under any circumstances. They are to be returned to the office for checking-in by parents and staff when no longer required at home. Students are not permitted to return devices to the office without a parent present.
  2. School insurance does not cover any broken screens, keys, lost plugs etc. This will be charged to families.
  3. School devices are only to be used for school work and not personal use e.g. no downloading games or any other apps etc.
  4. School devices are only to be used under the supervision of parents.
  5. Where any damage occurs to the device whilst on loan, the school will add the cost or repairs, or replacement of device, to the family’s school account (so that the device is returned and available to future students in the condition it was borrowed).

Required Documents:

VolunteerLetter2019  Acceptable Use Agreement – ICT (372 KB) 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019 Digital Technologies Policy (484 KB) – 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019  Loan of Assets Agreement (444 KB) – 10-Apr-2020

Additional Information:

VolunteerLetter2019  Acceptable Use Agreement – ICT  – (372 KB) 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019  Edithvale Remote Learning – for parents –  (263 KB) 13-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019  Information about EPS Home Learning with SEESAW – (121 KB) 25-Mar-2020
VolunteerLetter2019   Information Collection Notice (247 KB) – 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019   Learning from Home: Information for parents and carers (208 KB) – 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019  Loan of Assets Agreement (444 KB) – 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019   On site attendance form (629 KB) – 10-Apr-2020
VolunteerLetter2019  Online Learning Handbook Student Edition (218 KB)
VolunteerLetter2019  Physical Distancing Guidance for Schools (142 KB)

Resources for all year levels