On-site supervision possible changes for next week


Dear families and I hope that you are safe and well.

The move to stage 4 restrictions will have significant implications for our school and our community. I wish to acknowledge that this is a very confusing and somewhat frustrating time and we will continue to do our best to support all of our families navigate through this uncertainty together.

The Government’s decision to establish new on-site arrangements was not taken lightly, and I understand that this may lead to further frustration and anxiety. I am assured that these steps have been identified as critical measures to reduce the movement of students and families across the state.

In light of the number and type of industries that have closed and the tougher restrictions in place- only a  limited number of students will now be able to access supervision on-site. The criteria to be considered a Permitted worker or vulnerable child has not yet been announced by the Victorian Government and we hope to know more about this soon- and certainly by the end of this week.

All students from Prep to Year 6 students will continue with remote and flexible learning until the end of Term 3 unless they qualify to work (and be supervised) on site. Students who have a parent/carer at home must continue to learn remotely from home- and we are committed to supporting all families with this.

The criteria for students that can attend on-site has changed and is now as follows:

  1. children whose parents are permitted workers.
  2. vulnerable children in out of home care, children known to child protection and other agencies and children the school identifies as vulnerable
  3. children with a disability who also fit one of the above two categories.

If your child meets the criteria above, we will be asking that you please complete an updated Google form that will be made available later in the week. This will include information about ‘permitted workers.’ We will consider all information before sending an email that either confirms eligibility or does not. Once we know our student numbers on-site we can adjust our staffing accordingly.

As of this Wednesday most of our staff will not be required for on-site supervision as they have been instructed to work from home and reduce movement. This extends to our Administration staff, Education Support staff and teachers.

We will however be continuing with on-site supervision for students registered for this Wednesday August 5Thursday August 6 and Friday August 7 – unless we are otherwise advised.

We will continue to monitor any DET announcements made around restrictions to accessing on-site supervision and keep you informed via COMPASS.

Thank you for your understanding, for helping us play our part to drive these COVID-19 case numbers down and for helping address the latest challenges that have stemmed from the Premier’s announcements today.

Take care. Stay safe. Stay strong.


James Whitla