School Council News


Last night we inducted our newest School Council members and appointed Office Bearers after our Annual General Meeting.

I am very pleased to report that Natalie Firth has been elected unopposed to the vacant President position and Aileen Dyce has likewise been elected unopposed to the vacant Vice–President position.

They are joined by other new parent representatives Thomas Beilken and Andrew Murray. Experienced Councillors Nikki Brown, Mark Eddey, Laura Moore and Mike Smits continue in their roles too.

Steve Smith who has been a tireless contributor to our school has been co-opted as a Community Member to help share his knowledge and insights with our new Council.

Combined with our DET representatives, we have assembled a dynamic group who can build upon the great work of our previous Councillors.

Although Steve Smith is returning in a new role in 2021 it would be remiss of me to not publically thank and acknowledge his outstanding contribution to our school as firstly Vice-President and then as President, over the last 8 years. Steve’s commitment to our community is unparalleled and his ability and willingness to give so much time to others has helped create a warm and inviting community feel. He has helped to develop a strong school culture that values all of its members and he has been a key driver in fundraising through twilight fairs and BBQs. Steve has also overseen major school infrastructure changes including our recently completed STEM centre and Art studio. His support and dedication has been highly valued and many of our successes can be directly related to him.

Thank you also to our departing School Councillors – Lisa Carter, Katie Middleton Alison Read, Bree Ryan and Jodi Vuat – who are stepping back from official duties, but will remain involved with our community. They leave our school in a much better place than when they first arrived and their energy, enthusiasm and commitment over the years has been outstanding. Alison and Jodi jumped into casual vacancies last year and, under difficult circumstances, with Katie, Bree and Lisa managed to help steer our school ship through challenging waters in 2020. Their promotion of our school in our community and the strong links they have made with supportive, local, organisations has helped create a great school environment and importantly, one that is well respected in the broader community.

Thanks to Ms Jacqui Miller and Mr. Hayden Callahan for their tireless efforts too. Both staff members have helped to drive many initiatives and changes throughout our school and been wonderful advocates for our students and families in their roles.

Our 2020 DRAFT Annual Report to the School community was also tabled. Once this has been signed off on by our outgoing President, it will be made available on our school’s website.

James Whitla