"We're half way through term 3" Weekly Overview


Today marks the half way point of Term 3 and we have scaled one half of our Remote Learning Everest.

Thank you for your support and efforts in helping support our students to access learning opportunities that help ensure consistency during remote learning. We know it’s tough. We also know that we can get through this together and that our students will be well prepared to resume their learning journey at school when it opens up again. Sincere thanks for the work you continue to do and for the positive impact it is having.

Health and Wellbeing
Schools play a vital role in creating positive and nurturing environments for students. Schools give young people some of the most important connections in their lives in inclusive and respectful cultures. Education State targets include an explicit focus on resilience and physical activity and I am proud that we keep these at the front and centre of what we do, as well as a strong academic focus.

The mental health and wellbeing of our students, families and staff is vitally important, especially now during further flexible and remote learning and the ongoing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19). If students aren’t mentally and physically well, they can’t learn effectively. If staff and parents/carers aren’t mentally and physically well, they can’t teach and parent effectively.

This is one reason why we planned a ‘Friday Family Fun Day.’ We created the resource of Fun Family games and activities in the hope that they can be enjoyed by everyone, and that they can help to support the Health and Wellbeing of all Edithvale Families. The games, tasks and activities are designed to be completed (where possible) together as a family. We sincerely hope that you are able to share plenty of laughs together as you attempt these tasks and that you experience plenty of joy and success along the way.

Mindfulness– The Resilience Project explains that being mindful/meditating can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Their Resilience Project App provides a number of practical examples of how mindfulness can be practised. Benefits include reduced anxiety, improved decision making and improved ability to focus.

On Wednesday morning, the Deputy Secretary- David Howes- spoke of his great belief that there has been a continuity of learning and that students across the State during this period of remote learning. Students have demonstrated qualities and dispositions through this time that will hold them in great stead in the future. They have demonstrated increased resilience, improved time management, greater flexibility and taken on board the challenges that they have been faced with.

At the end of this period of remote learning there will be much to celebrate and look forward to. Acknowledging the amazing efforts of our students will be high on our priorities J

Staying safe online. From the office of the eSafety Commissioner is some advice and tips on how we can help support our students to use technology safely and responsibly. Information on how to set up and use parental controls and safe search options and tips to protect your child online are some of the topics that are included.

Take care and stay safe

James Whitla