2023 Leaders


Dear Families

After a very detailed and expansive process used to determine our Student Leaders for 2023 I am pleased to announce our 2023 Student Leaders. This year our future leaders have undertaken a process that has included:

  • Preparing and delivering a speech to their peers outlining why they believe they’d be a great leader for them, and our school
  • Participated in Leadership challenges at school to prove their credentials as ‘leaders in action’
  • Joined our current student leaders and staff leadership to answer questions as part of an interview
  • Staff observations of attitudes and student behaviours while at school.

Positions of Leadership that attract a formal badge are not determined by age, gender or length of time at our school. All up there are 17 ‘official’ leadership positions and with almost 100 worthy and dedicated applicants, the decision to appoint this year’s leaders has been difficult.

For students who miss out on the ‘badged’ leadership positions, we know that they will excel in other important Roles and Responsibilities throughout 2023 – such is the depth of leadership talent coming through our school. Leadership is not a position, it’s an action and we believe that all students are leaders when they demonstrate our school values.

The 2023 Leadership Team Comprises
School Captains
Jakob F
Maddie S

Student Voice Team
Luca M
Darcy P
Evie S

Blue House Captains
Jada A
Maddison M
Michael T

Green House Captains
Lily M
Xavier P
Asha S

Red House Captains
Ellena L
Olive L
Liam P

Yellow House Captains
Abbi M
Felix N
Zoey S

At our final assembly on Monday from 1:30pm, we will introduce these students to our community.

We congratulate these Leaders and indeed, all of our 2023 Senior school students for their involvement in this year’s process, for being excellent role models and for the positive impact they have on our school.
Kind regards,

James Whitla