August 16 Update - with more to come later


Dear Families

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback.”

Now more than ever we are focused on providing our community with as much certainty as possible and helping our students, families and staff to overcome this latest setback and bounce back higher than ever before.

We know that September 3 is the earliest date that we will get to see our students back on site and that we have thirteen days of Remote and Flexible Learning.

We know that routine and predictability will be the key for us over the next few weeks as they bring certainty for our students.

We know the importance of students staying connected and engaged with their learning by being present for the webex meetings and explicit instruction each day.

We know that our structures and learning continuity, as we have seen before in previous lockdowns, helps the vast majority of our students to return to face to face learning with a positive attitude.

Today’s announcements by the Premier have created some anxiety and frustration for us all here at school. We are thinking of you all at this extremely challenging time. We acknowledge and understand that remote learning is not always easy nor is it perfect, for me or many of the teachers either as we juggle remote learning in our households too, but please know that we are here to make sure we get through this together.

An earlier message that references the Resilience Project includes strategies to support our mental health during this difficult time and may offer some timely tips

The Resilience Project on “The Project”

The only Operational Updates that I am aware of at this stage is a return to the permit system for Authorised Workers that we saw in place 12 months ago. If the DHS and DET guidelines change in response to this, we may need to contact the families of students who are currently deemed eligible to attend on-site and sight any required permits.

There will be further information out from the Department shortly and as this arrives with relevant or important details, we will get this to you as soon as we can.

Take Care

James Whitla