Term 2 Week 8 Update


Dear Families

As we approach the end of another term, I often find myself reflecting on our successes and achievements of our students, however this time my reflection is more about our staff and parents

I’m grateful to be a principal at a school where the staff and parents care deeply about our school and broader community. Our staff are knowledgeable and skilful in their practice, and have a mindset focused on continuous improvement. When  roaming the school each day I see firsthand the respectful and engaging interactions between teachers, students, and parents. It is unique and something we can all be very proud of.

Our parents are likewise respectful, thoughtful and generous with their time, spirit and energy. We see it on school camps and excursions, in the canteen and helping children to read. It is not taken for granted and it is highly valued and appreciated. THANKYOU!

Child safety standards

The Victorian Government has announced new Child Safe Standards to further strengthen child safety across organisations, including schools. The new standards recognise the critical importance of families and the broader school community in maintaining and promoting child safety and wellbeing.

Edithvale Primary is currently reviewing and updating the child safety policies and procedures using Department of education recommended language and templates. Our current policies were updated and approved by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority last year as part of our School review. We are revisiting these to ensure all policies meet the requirements of the new standards. The most up to date policies are available to view on our school’s website, and copies will be available at our school’s front office once these have been ratified by our School Council.

We are committed to continuous improvement in our approach to child safety and wellbeing and welcome feedback from families and members of our school community on ways we can further strengthen our child safety policies, procedures and practices.

Other policies that are being updated, all with help from the DET legal branch and the use of their templates- include Volunteers Policy, Complaints Policy, Visitor’s policy, Yard duty and Supervision policy and Digital learning policy. These were all reviewed and updated in Term 3 last year and only need minor changes to the language used.

The Department templates we use are continually updated, to reflect new laws that come into effect. Please review these and offer feedback as part of the required consultation.

Staffing Update

We have recently added 2 new staff members to our talented team.

Rebecca Holland joins us on a 6 month contract to replace Dinelle Bates who has taken up a leadership and teaching position in Abu Dhabi on a 2 year secondment. Rebecca has 2 students at school with us and we’re rapt to have her on board.

Jordan Jamieson – a 4th year Pre service Teacher has also joined us to assist with Maths in the Junior years- and a particular focus on supporting students who need a little extra assistance to grasp concepts and skills

School Camps 

Our Year 4-6 students have enjoyed different camps recently and it has been great to see their resilience, friendship and determination on display outside the confines of the school grounds.

Consequently, we have booked in additional camps for our Year 4-6 students as part of the Government’s Positive Start Program. The Positive Start School Camps are offered to eligible schools to help primary and secondary students boost their physical and emotional health and wellbeing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

We will be heading off on 2 separate camps to ‘High Country Camp’ in the Tallangatta Valley. Our Year 5 students are booked in from Monday September 12- (Wednesday September 14 and then our Year 6s head off from the Wednesday 14 September to Friday September 16 (the last day of Term 3). The two separate camps will ensure that both year levels get to celebrate and enjoy the experience with their friends and peers.

The Year 4s get an extra free camp at Lorne during week 4 of Term 3.

Semester 1 Progress reports

These are now live and accessible through COMPASS. To locate your child’s report off your mobile device, please select their image on the COMPASS home screen and scroll across to the REPORTS tab. Once that is open you can find your child’s most recent report – Semester 1 Progress Report #2.

Final week of term 2

Next week we are running a few extra ‘wellbeing’ sessions for our students in the lead up to the last day of Term – Thursday June 23rd. Students’ wellbeing remains a strong focus for us and after a term that has been impacted by illnesses such as colds, flu, COVID and gastro, we’re keen to prioritise wellbeing as we head towards the mid-year break. As well as the annual Staff v Students Basketball game on Monday, Resilience Project activities and some Mindfulness work, we have Proactivity coming in to run some wellbeing / sports sessions.

The activities include- Yoga & Meditation, Giant Earth Ball Team Building Games, Karate, Fitness Team Games, Hip Hop Dance, Giant Parachute Games & Tug of War.

Wellbeing tips for the Holiday Break – courtesy of Steve Francis @happyschools

Laugh whenever possible

Did you know that the average Australian adult laughs 14 times per day (children average over 300 laughs per day!)

This can’t be too healthy! The act of laughing is great for you both physically and mentally. Lots of funny things happen every day and it’s important to find the joy in these moments.

Exercise Often

When we get busy, our own physical activity is the first thing that we relinquish. This creates a false economy. If we don’t look after ourselves, our immune system becomes more susceptible and we become more vulnerable. Our body will eventually tell us that we have done too much and it will shut down. The price we pay is our own health.

Physical exercise releases endorphins that help us to feel better and think differently. Our mind takes on a different perspective and can help us keep things in perspective.

Kind regards,

James Whitla


Key Dates:

  • June 17 Year 5/6 Lightning Premiership
  • June 20-23 Parent Partnership meetings
  • June 23 Students’ Final day of Term 2
  • June 24 Student Free Day * TeamKids will be available for families who may wish to access their service
  • July 11 Term 3 commences
  • July 14 French Day celebrations at school
  • August 8-18 Foundation – Year 2 Swimming Program *please note that Year 3s will now be at a different time
  • August 22 September 1 – Year 4-6 Swimming program
  • September 2 District Athletics
  • September 8 School Concert