Welcome Back On-site


Dear Families

Today we are able to take another step forward in reconnecting with each other and welcome parents and carers back on-site. Today’s School Operations Guide includes “Non-essential visitors can attend school sites however, density limits must be applied to any spaces accessed and record keeping obligations must be adhered to by any visitors attending the school site.”

It is important to have our families back on-site and we are keen to make this happen as soon as we can. The energy and atmosphere your presence contributes to our school has been sorely missed over the last 3 weeks and we can’t wait to see our Edithvale Community again 😊

The gates will be opened at 8:45am and if you are coming on-site, please use any gate available.

To help support this, and to keep in step with the Chief Health officer’s advice visitors and parents must also observe face mask requirements. Please see the Department of Health website for the latest face mask requirements as advice may change at short notice.

The density limit of 1 person per 4 square meters should be applied to any spaces and activities being attended by parent/carers and other visitors. The density limit applies to all persons in the space, including students.

A reminder also about Assemblies and large gatherings – Indoor Year level or whole school assemblies are permitted when attended only by staff and students from a single school.

Tomorrow’s assembly will be held indoors before our Student Leaders’ MND slide challenge that will see plenty of staff take the plunge into icy cold water and help raise awareness and funds for MND. If any parents are on-site for this, we ask that mask rules be adhered to and you socially distance as much as possible.

Take care and we’ll see you soon

Term 1 Canteen Price List  Summary of key operational requirements

James Whitla