A message from the Science Team - Baby Chicks


Dear Families

You may have heard about the new arrivals in the Science lab this week which have been causing a great deal of excitement around the school!


Biological Science

During our science program our students learn about biological science. This involves learning about living things, their features and needs.

Our students are lucky enough to be involved in a hatching program over the next two weeks. This program is tailored to help them develop Science Inquiry skills such as, questioning and predicting, evaluating, and communicating as they explore the hatching process.

They will develop knowledge about the biological strand of science, learning about the chicken life cycle and the needs of eggs and chicks, and will have opportunities to make observations deepening their understanding of caring for a living creature.


We have created a live stream through WebEx where families can check in and see how our eggs and chicks are going. This can be accessed via Webex.

Should you be interested in adopting a chick after the program please email edithvale.ps@education.vic.gov.au for more information before Tuesday 23/11/2021.


Hayley Grindley