Weekly Update - Term 2 Week 5


Dear families,

Today marks the halfway point of the Term! The days and weeks seem to be flying past and sometimes it’s hard for us all to keep up. Next week is another packed week and one that we have been patiently waiting for as we get ready to launch our new school values.

After feedback and suggestions from our students, parents and staff via surveys and conversations last year, the overwhelming belief is that the 3 VALUES of Being RESPECTFUL, KIND and DETERMINED will help drive a strong and inclusive school culture. There will be a range of activities to help promote and start to embed the language of these values into our daily work throughout the week, and in the weeks and months that follow.

Drone photo shoot – On Monday our students will help form each letter of our 3 new values and we’ll get a snapshot of our school in letter formation from above

Guest speakers – We will have 3 guest speakers to help provide their perspectives on our Values too.

Respectful – Wayne Laver – Recently retired Detective Senior Sergeant and father of our very own Bec Laver (Year 3 teacher). Some of the keys to his success can be found in his mantra “Learn to read people, don’t play the tough guy and treat victims, witnesses and suspects with respect.”

Kind – Lucy Thomas – Now a kindness ambassador Lucy Thomas always figured that “someone should really do something about bullying.” Then she realised: I am that someone. Now, more than a decade after launching PROJECT ROCKIT, Lucy has dedicated her whole life to the cause.

Determined – Robert Kabbas – the first of only two Australian weightlifters to compete at three Olympics who has a great message about chasing your dreams.

Tip of the week – This, from an article by Steve Francis from ‘Happy Schools’

In his acclaimed book, “The Third Space”, Dr Adam Fraser advocates the benefits of regularly reflecting on what we have achieved. The concept aligns well with the gratitude movement. Research shows that it is beneficial to our mental health to reflect at the end of the day and identify three things we are grateful for.

Positive psychology is about focusing on what is already going well and simply making it better rather than focusing solely on trying to fix what is wrong.

So…….  “What Went Well?”  Today

Education Week:
Along with our values launch activities as part of education week, each Year level will have their classrooms open for parents at designated times on this week and we’d love to see you. We are still operating under DET COVID guidelines and we are required to keep a record of all visitors. Please have your phones ready to sign in using the school’s QR code and continue to socially distance as much as possible. Thank you.

Open session Times
Foundation – Wednesday from 9:00 am – Literacy rotations
Year 1 – Tuesday from 9:00 am – Literacy
Year 2 – Friday from 9:00 am – Project Based inquiry
Year 3 – Tuesday from 2:50 pm – Wellbeing
Year 4 – Thursday from 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm Maths and Robotics
Year 5/6 – Thursday from 9:00 am – Phonics, Robotics and Maths

Passion Project workshops:
On Friday, students will participate in very different learning experiences. Our very talented and creative staff are offering Junior and senior School workshops in areas they are very passionate about. Some of the workshops that our students may have chosen to do include Yoga, Cheerleading, Zumba, Polymer Clay making, Origami, Lego masters, Music, Magic Tricks and plenty more.

These sessions will be held between recess and lunch on Friday.

I hope you enjoy the sunshine an have a great weekend

James Whitla