Timetable Changes for the last 3 weeks of school


Dear Families

We continue to work towards a successful end of the school year and prepare for 2022 – and an important piece to this is our transition program that starts in a week from today. Our transition program will run from Tuesday-Thursday next week throughout the morning sessions for all current Year 1-5 students. Our Foundation students’ transition will run from Wednesday-Friday. During all sessions students will get to meet their 2022 teacher and classmates.

To help our students, and hopefully families, prepare for next year ALL classes will be running to the same schedule that will be in place in 2022. This means that as of Monday November 29 ALL classes will commence at 9:00am and conclude at 3:30pm. This will remain in place for the rest of the year.

In making this adjustment, we will be better placed to accommodate our transition program and help all students prepare for next year by building their stamina and becoming accustomed to the updated timetable.

To help us support students to continue to grow and learn, we will be maximising our teaching opportunities by having a slightly longer (30 minute) learning block to start the day – with recess now at 11:30am. This morning session, starting at 9:00am will continue to be punctuated by brain breaks and snack breaks as needed. Our teachers have noticed the benefits that this extended learning time has had over the last few weeks and we’re eager to keep this learning momentum into the new year.

There will be a whole school recess break for 30 minutes before resuming classes (2 x 50-minute blocks). Lunch will be one hour long, and we will finish the day with 1 more session before dismissal at 3:30 pm.

This configuration means we can run our Specialist lessons (Art, French, Phys Ed and Science) for all classes each week and ensure that the planned end of year activities and events can be enjoyed together without disruption. These events may include a Christmas Concert for our younger students, whole school assemblies (outside), Life Saving for our older students etc

Throughout the remaining 3 and a half weeks we will continue to encourage students to arrive and leave via the egress points currently in place as this helps us to reduce the congregation of adults around the school and reduce congestion.

Take care and stay safe

James Whitla