Weekly Overview and GEM Resources


Dear Families,

Thank you for your support of our students and staff as we all continue to learn and teach remotely. We appreciate that everyone is doing their very best and also recognise that in the next few weeks an element of fatigue (for us all) may set in. We will continue to work at getting the connection and content pieces just right and we will keep wellbeing at the forefront of our thinking.
We recognise and understand that these difficult times bring challenges that we may not be prepared for. This is a very hard time for families. It’s also the perfect time to remember that you don’t have to be perfect! You are allowed to feel tired, stressed and worn out, especially with the scare we had early in the week with up to 5 of our Kingston Network schools closed for deep cleaning.

The link below, from The Resilience Project, includes a hub of activities and ideas that help bring Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness (GEM) into our daily lives. Our staff continue to draw from this resource and it has helped us build our resilience throughout the week by answering the 3 questions below. I hope that they provide a platform for all of our families to also keep positive throughout this challenging time.
What are 3 things that went well for you today?
Who am I most grateful for today and why?
What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
If these questions are answered for 21 consecutive Days, you may start to feel a change.

You rewire your brain to start scanning the world for the positive and you become 3 times more likely to notice a positive
And in 42 Days you

  • are less likely to get sick
  • have higher levels of energy
  • feel happier
  • are more enthusiastic
  • are more focused
  • are more determined
  • are more optimistic
  • have a better quality of sleep
  • have lower levels of depression and anxiety

Take care. Stay safe and stay strong.


James Whitla