Coronavirus Update March 16


This morning our Premier declared a state of emergency for Victoria.

What this means for our school is unclear at this stage. The attached statement from the Victorian Chief Health Officer regarding the importance of our schools remaining open for now, provides some information and insight into current thinking.

VolunteerLetter2019  DHHS – the importance of our schools remaining open (118 KB) – 16-Mar-2020

We will continue to support our students and families during these uncertain times. On Friday we installed hand washing stations in every classroom, displayed posters on ‘how to reduce the risk of coronavirus’ and ‘how to stay germ free’ tips in each classroom. Today we have rostered support staff on to monitor/support/guide our students on the appropriate and safe use of soap and paper towels after toileting.

We continue to educate our students in safe hygiene behaviours on a daily basis as well.

As further details and advice comes to light, we will be sure to pass these on and keep our community informed and connected.

James Whitla

Additional Information:

VolunteerLetter2019  DHHS – the importance of our schools remaining open  (118) 16-Mar-2020
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