Coronavirus Update March 17


Dear Edithvale Primary School families

I write to provide a further update on the coronavirus disease

The advice of the Chief Health Officer remains at present that our schools should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). As you may have heard, Toorak Primary School will be closed for 24 hours from today as a staff member there has tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Until we hear otherwise our school will remain open.

In an effort to provide support and guidance for our students and parents, we have sought advice from our CASEA support staff who are working closely with our school this semester. The team have provided us with a short video from Emerging Minds to talk with children about natural disasters, traumatic events, or worries about the future. This video introduces ways for parents and carers to manage media coverage of traumatic events, and talk to their children about their worries and fears.

The declaration by the Victorian Government of a State of Emergency means that the state now has the power to do the following, among other measures: enforce a mandatory self-quarantine period for returning travellers enforce a ban on non-essential gatherings of more than 500 people. we will therefore NOT be holding any whole school assemblies while this ban is in effect

The mandatory self-quarantine period of 14 days for travellers returning from overseas does have implications for students. In brief, students who travel overseas will not be able to attend school for 14 days when they return.

Visitors are still very welcome to come into schools, unless they are speaking to an audience of over 500 people, in which case the guidelines for mass gatherings should be followed.

If you make the decision to keep their children at home, we will be recording these on COMPASS as ‘Parent Choice- School Approved’ and include the word ‘COVID-19’ in the absence comments.

Again, the advice of the Chief Health Officer remains at present that our schools should stay open, except in the case of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

James Whitla

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