Coronavirus Update March 23


Dear Families

We have just received some clarity and answers to a number of questions involving all schools and as a matter of urgency we are forwarding this to you now. Your patience and support for our students and each other through this challenging time has been greatly appreciated. Sincere Thanks.

Yesterday the Victorian Government, with the support of the Chief Health Officer, announced the bringing forward of school holidays in Victoria, commencing from Tuesday 24 March.

Care and supervision

During this week, we will continue to provide care and supervision programs for all students who are the children (or under the care) of essential services workers and those in Out of Home Care (OOHC). Examples of essential services include health, police, corrections and emergency services workers.
There will be a skeleton staff, including support staff, at school who will be in attendance throughout the rest of this week to supervise and support these identified students, during normal school hours.

If you are a parent or carer of a student that will require holiday program places for their children over the Term 1 holidays due to the State of Emergency, please make contact with us at school. The Department will then work with us and OSHC providers to determine the level of provision of holiday programs that can be provided over these coming holidays.

There is no obligation for students who are children of essential workers or OOHC students to attend school this week.

For all other students, TeamKids will be offering Full Day Care to our families for the remainder of the week and, at this stage, their regular Holiday Care programs. More information will be provided by TeamKids through their communication channels.

Start Term 2

Students return: Wednesday 15 April

The Victorian Chief Health Officer (CHO) will advise on whether the transition to flexible and remote learning and support should commence on the first student day of Term 2 (Wednesday 15 April) closer to that date. Whatever the outcome of this decision is, we will be ready!

Information about how we are preparing for remote learning will be distributed in the next day or two, and with your help, we can ensure that our students have access to continuous and suitably challenging learning opportunities at home.

I wish all of our families and our students all the very best of health and hope and trust that we will see you all again soon.

Kind Regards,
James Whitla

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