Edi Scavenger Hunt


Hi EPS Families,

Today James and I have been out and about creating a Scavenger Hunt for our students. We are hoping that it is a fun, engaging and active learning activity with a bit of a difference. We will be posting details about the activity on SeeSaw in the morning which will hopefully generate some excitement and help with connection.

We are aware that not every student or family will be able to complete the task tomorrow and the ‘orienteering/regaining exercise’ will still be accessible across the weekend. For safety reasons we are asking that students complete the activity with adult supervision.

Our best guess is that at least 95% of our families fall within the 5km radius and will have the opportunity to engage with the activity if they wish to. For those outside the 5km zone, the activity could be considered ‘authorised education that can’t be done at home’. To see a 5km radius from our school, see attached picture.

So what is the challenging task?

Tomorrow, and over the course of the weekend we have set out a challenge for you to find ‘markers’ throughout Edithvale Common. There are 2 distinct and different sets of markers that we have placed around the Common.

An example of each marker (different colouring) are attached.

There are 9 yellow markers for our Foundation- Year 3 students to try to locate and record and 12 for our Year 3-6 students.
It is important that the markers are not touched so that they can still, hopefully, be visible for other students and their families to try to find throughout the weekend

As students locate the markers on your walk, run or ride around the Common, you will need to make a record of each to help you to de-code the mystery words that the letters make.

It is entirely optional and this exercise falls in to one of the permitted reasons to leave your house.

Edithvale Common sits in behind the Edithvale Bowling Club

** Students who are on-site for supervision on Friday will participate in a similar activity around our school grounds

If this type of activity is something you and your children enjoy, be sure to look into GeoCaching. It’s a continuous, worldwide scavenger hunt that happens all around you, and you may not even notice!

Luke McMaster