Year 3 - 6 Face Masks Information


Dear Parents/Carers,

As you may have heard last week, it was announced that students in Years 3-6 are required to wear face masks when attending school. As we continue to deal with this health crisis, all schools must enact the advice of the Chief Health Officer where they have any onsite learning occurring.

There has been a lack of clarity and direction for schools since this announcement and we have sought further detail before sending this communication. At a recent Department of Education briefing with other school Principals we were been pointed to the following website:

I have taken the following from this website:

  • Students aged 12 and over must continue to wear face masks indoors and outdoors, unless a lawful exception applies.
  • Face masks are required for students in Year 3 to 6, only when indoors on school premises, unless an exception applies.

This mask requirement begins this Monday, October 18, and applies to any child onsite in Years 3-6.

At school here, we have a limited supply of face masks for emergency in case a child has forgotten or lost theirs.

For those children in the age bracket where face masks are required, we ask that parents please supply their children with an adequate supply of face masks for the day.

In thinking of our environment, it would be preferable if the masks you supply were re-useable. Let’s try and make this fun for the kids. Decorate or purchase your re-usable face mask that can be washed with something specific to your child, ie their favourite footy team, colour etc etc. It will also help distinguish who the face mask belongs to.

We already have students wearing face masks at school as has been their choice and in this 2020/21 era, the children are used to seeing others wearing them. Let’s make this as fun as we can for the kids in the circumstances.

Please take care everyone,

James Whitla