Future Planning Information


Dear Families and I hope that this finds you safe and well,

Today, 3 Kingston Network schools have closed for deep cleaning, with confirmed COVID cases. We are NOT one of these and I want to briefly outline the process to you IF our school ever had to be closed to help with planning

When a school is closed, generally on short notice, no one is allowed onsite for any reason, including all staff and students.

COMPASS notifications and an SMS will be immediately sent out to ALL families. The timing of these might be less than ideal (some schools were sending these at 11pm last night) but they will be necessary to help keep our community informed and safe.

Families of students registered for on-site supervision and care would need to make alternative arrangements for their child.

TeamKids would not be in operation and their communications team would leap into action.

Identified and reported cases of COVID-19 are lodged with the DET Emergency Management Team and DHHS staff and a case manager is allocated to each school. Once we have been contacted by our case manager, we will follow designated communication protocols and get all necessary information to you as soon as possible.

Most schools will be closed for 72 hours, depending on the trace information.

In an effort to keep our school and our community free of this virus we continue to practise appropriate social distancing and have daily temperature checks. All staff on-site will continue to wear face coverings in all areas of the school when not teaching (for example, in the staffroom, on yard duty and when providing first aid or taking temperatures), and when travelling to and from school.

I am hopeful that we will not need to enact this process and we will remain free of this virus.

Take care. Stay safe and stay strong.


James Whitla