EPS Epic Mental Health Marathon


Hi Everyone,

We have been so excited to have the children starting their transition back to onsite learning with the countdown to everyone being back looming closer every day. To celebrate having students onsite, to highlight our awesome new synthetic school oval and emphasise the importance of positive mental health, we are launching the EPS Epic Mental Health Marathon.

What is the challenge I hear you ask?
Well, October is Mental Health month in Australia. We thought a terrific way to promote looking after our mental health would be engaging the kids in some physical activity to see how far they can get for mental health.

How are we planning to ‘go far’?
Each class is finding time to discuss maintaining positive mental health and when onsite heading out to the oval. The outer running track measures just shy of 200m. Classes are keeping track of how many laps they complete and adding this to our school tally.

What is our target?
Well, if an average class size is 22 and each child runs 1 lap, that would be 4.4km. With 21 classes we would reach 92.4kms.
From Melbourne to Sydney is 877.8km – with every class running each day it would take us 9.5 days to reach Sydney.
Obviously we won’t be able to run every day due to the hybrid timetable, but we can definitely make a start.

How long with the challenge go for?
The plan is to get us from Edithvale to Sydney to begin with. If we reach the target quickly, we will look to extend the trip into Queensland.

How can we get families involved?
To highlight the importance of this activity, please discuss the marathon with your students and the importance of maintaining positive mental health.

Thank you,
Kerri Harridge
Wellbeing Leader
Year 1 Classroom Teacher