Pupil Free Days


Dear Families and Friends of Edithvale

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy and that the current COVID19 headlines have not impacted too greatly upon the time you have spent with your family over the holiday period.

This was certainly not a message I envisaged writing so soon after school had returned to some sort of normality at the end of last term and I’m certain that there will be a few more messages sent out in the coming days.

You have most likely heard from the Premier on Tuesday when he announced Stay at Home
Directions for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from 11:59pm on Wednesday 8 July
until 11.59pm on Wednesday 19 August. For Edithvale Primary School, this means that although the Victorian School holidays will finish this Friday, there will be five Student-Free days from 13th17th July. The official start of Term Three will now be Monday 20th July for our students.

Next week our staff will be working onsite to prepare for the possibility of a return to remote and flexible learning and they remain focussed and determined to overcome the challenges that this may bring. I have received NO definite or clear indication that there will be a return to remote learning but my gut feel suggests that this is more likely to occur than not.

I wish I could offer more direction and certainty for you and our students but this is as much as I know at this stage. I have received limited Department communications, other than new
operational guidelines for schools will be available this Friday or early next week. Once I receive these, essential information will be passed on to you as quickly as possible.

Please know that we will continue to support our school and community in whatever way we can. Our Leadership team have been discussing our approach for the Student Free Days next week – and the government’s decision to implement these extra days gives us, as a school, time to prepare for whatever Term 3 throws at us- and we WILL be ready 🙂

These new and unusual arrangements are designed to give our health experts additional time to assess the current COVID-19 situation in our community.

I know that this means uncertainty and another period of possible disconnection for everyone. However, these steps have been identified as critical to helping defeat this virus and protect the safety of all of us. Minister James Merlino has stated

“As we follow the advice of our health experts, we’re also making sure vulnerable students and those in the final stages of their education remain engaged in face-to-face learning. I understand that this is a stressful time for parents, but we are following the best medical advice and taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of all Victorians.”

Thank you for your ongoing support. I wish you and your families a happy and healthy last few days of school holidays and I will be in touch shortly with further information.

Look after yourself and stay safe

VolunteerLetter2019Parking around Edithvale Primary SchoolDear Families and Friends of Edithvale

Take care and stay safe

James Whitla

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