Term 2 Week 1 Update


Dear Families

Welcome to Term 2

The slight easing of restrictions in schools means that we are looking forward to welcoming helpers and volunteers back in to classrooms, the canteen and assemblies in the Year 3/4 building during the colder months. It is a step towards getting back to normal and a great chance to continue to build community connections.

These changes also mean that on Friday May 6 at 2:45 pm each Year level will be organising an experience or activity for our amazing mothers and special friends as part of celebrating and acknowledging mothers’ day on May 8. Please keep an eye out for details specific to your child’s class.

There will be NO assembly next week while mothers and special guests join us for this small but important event.

Diversity and equity

As a child safe organisation, we celebrate the rich diversity of our students, families and community and promote respectful environments that are free from discrimination. Our focus is on wellbeing and growth for all.

We recognise that every child has unique skills, strengths and experiences to draw on.

We pay particular attention to individuals and groups of children and young people in our community with additional and specific needs. This includes tailoring our child safety strategies and supports to the needs of:

  • Aboriginal children and young people
  • children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • children and young people with disabilities
  • children unable to live at home or impacted by family violence
  • international students
  • children and young people who identify as LGBTIQ+.

Our Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy that was reviewed ad updated as part of our Review in 2021 is currently being updated and will be closely aligned to our current policy which can be found on our website

Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

A heads up about recent communication from the Department of Education and Unions regarding the new School Agreement have included this information and advice about teachers’ professional practice days for this term.

  1.  Although the new agreement has not been endorsed, the DET has advised that schools start planning for a common Term 2 professional practice day. The recommendation is that schools hold their first professional practice day on the same day for all staff. Friday June 24 – the last day of the school term- has been identified as the most suitable date for our staff to undertake their professional learning day to focus on Term 3 planning using up to date assessments.
  2.  Once the date has been selected and confirmed with our School Council, Parents/cares will be informed. Students are not to attend school on the nominated day and parents/carers will be asked to make alternative arrangements for the care and supervision of their child/children.

Breakfast Club

Throughout Term 2 as the cooler Winter months approach, we are hoping to provide hot meals – along with cereals, fruit and toast each morning. We have an increasing number of volunteers to assist with the running of this program and if you’re keen to help out for 30-40 minutes on any given morning from 8:00 am, we’d love to hear from you.

We regularly have 25-30 students in the STEM center every morning enjoying a great start to the day that this program offers and as we try to expand the options of different foods for students (and toddlers), we’re hoping for a couple of extra sets of hands. It’s a terrific experience and very rewarding. Please contact us at school if you’d like to help – any and all help is welcomed.

A reminder for students that Breakfast starts at 8:15 am and finishes at 8:45 am. Entrance is through the gates near the crossing on Edithvale Rd and then in through the Year 5 classrooms.

Resilience Project parent webinar

We are really looking forward to our Parent / Carer Webinar with Martin Heppell from the Resilience Project on Monday 9th May, 6.30pm – 8.00pm.

During this presentation, Martin will share his experiences and combine them with practical strategies that can be implemented everyday to improve our overall wellbeing.

Parents/ Carers will need to register using the following registration link:


**Upon registration, registrants will receive a link to attend the webinar, along with a reminder the day prior.

Please note that the webinar will include parents from our Partnership Schools.

Key dates for Term 2

A Term 2 Calendar 2022 can be found on our website

May 6- Mothers’ and Special Friends’ celebration. 2:45 pm
May 9 – Resilience Project webinar 6:30 pm
May 10 -20 Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN
May 25-27 -Year 5 and Year 6 camp
June 8-10 – Year 4 Camp
June 20 – 23 Parent partnership Meetings
June 24 – TBC- Whole School Professional practice day- student free day

James Whitla