Sensory Garden Update

 Sensory Garden

Work on our new Sensory Garden will commence very soon.

A $100K Inclusive Schools Government Grant that we applied for, and received, in 2019 will enable this project to be delivered. This new Outdoor Sensory Play space will be adjacent to our Sensory room and provide another quiet, tactile area that students and staff can use to help with self-regulation.

Not all learning spaces are the same and not all students engage in these spaces the same, nor do they use spaces for the same outcome. We are committed to providing students who have impairments, disabilities or problems in schooling, with the opportunity of achieving their potential in a mainstream school environment. By constructing an inclusive and sensory rich playground within the school, we are creating an environment where children with different abilities can learn, play, feel safe, and engage in an environment that they are eager to explore and use to regulate their emotions.

The garden will be set near the Corner of French Avenue and Edithvale Rd and will be another terrific acquisition for our school. For the 4 weeks of its construction, the gate closest to the building site will be locked in order to keep our students and families safe.