Student Free Days for 2023


Dear Families.

At last night’s School Council meeting our team ratified the proposed Student free days for 2023.

The Victorian Schools Agreement provides all schools with 4 Student Free days for the year and the Department of Education encourages schools to combine one of the two Professional Practice days allocated to every teacher to create a whole school professional learning day – without students.

The dates that were approved are shared below in the hope that you can plan accordingly.  The dates have been chosen to limit the impact on student learning and, where possible, these have been added to holidays.

Monday April 24 – Staff whole school planning day
Friday August 25 – Professional learning for all staff on Schoolwide Positive Behaviours with some of our Department of Education leaders
Monday November 6 – Assessment and reporting
Wednesday December 20 – 2023 data handover and 2024 planning

We would like to share with our families that the last day of each term is a 2:30pm finish.

Term 1 concludes Thursday 6 April
Term 2 concludes  Friday June 23
Term 3 concludes Friday September 15
Term 4 concludes Tuesday December 19 ( closer to a 2pm finish after our final assembly 😊)

Thank you
Nat Firth
School Council President