Mango Fundraiser

Mango Fundraiser


Fresh North Queensland Mangos direct from the farm to you!

Support Our Mango Fundraiser

If you love mangos, here’s your chance to indulge in fresh juicy Kensington Pride mangos and support our Breakfast Club.

We are selling trays of mangos picked and packed during the premium harvest.

They are packed in a single layer tray, with approximately 7kg of Mangos per tray. The number of Mangos per tray depends on the size of the fruit, and may vary from 12 large Mangos up to 23 small Mangos.

Cost per Tray is: $25.00 (Each tray will weigh approx. 7kg)

Place your order via QKR by: 4:00 pm on Friday 21 October

Delivery to school for pickup: End of November

Orders are now closed. Thanks for supporting our fundraiser.

Money raised will be used for Breakfast Club to purchase new and replace broken equipment as required.