Everyone at EPS is looking forward to hosting our Mothers and Special People this coming Thursday (9/5) from 2.45-3.30 pm.

Our special guests can spend time with their child/ren and participate in the fabulous experiences listed below and in the attached document. There will be tea and coffee available in the staff room as well.

  • Foundation: making named bracelets and colouring in the classrooms.
  • Year 1 (with Specialist Teachers): Fun sports games – tug of war, egg and spoon races, rock paper scissors game on the Oval and art activities in the art room.
  • Year 2: Creating self-portraits & nature bracelets in the classrooms.
  • Year 3: Decorating fridge magnets in the classrooms.
  • Year 4: Planting punny herbs in the STEM Y4 Space.
  • Year 5: Folding Origami in the classrooms.
  • Year 6: Painting Clay Pots in the classrooms.
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