Class Procedures


We believe that home learning can help:-

  • reinforce work done in the classroom
  • develop good study habits
  • show parents what is happening in school
  • children utilise time effectively
  • children in revision/learning of work
  • in transition between primary and secondary school

It is the professional responsibility of each teacher to establish and communicate the home learning policy to parents early in the school year.

The Home Learning Policy is on the school website


Assessment of Children’s Progress
Students are continually assessed by teachers to monitor progress and to assist them to reach their full potential.

Various methods are used including:-

  • Standardised testing
  • Student/teacher conferencing
  • regular testing of skills
  • sharing of relevant work samples
  • methodologies that empower students to self and peer assess
  • clear criteria for assessment before a task is undertaken
  • teacher observation

Reporting to Parents

Parents should receive two progress reports each semester from teachers. These reports focus on the child’s achievements against the Victorian Curriculum Standards and effort. Parents/Carers can access these reports through the Compass portal.

Parents are always most welcome to discuss student progress with their child’s class teacher.

Individual interviews are held following the mid year written report and on a needs basis as requested by parents or teachers throughout the year.


Class Placement

The process that Edithvale Primary School works through to plan each student’s class placement begins months before the end of the school year. We understand that in certain situations, parents and carers may like to request that their child be placed with a particular friend or in a particular class.

Edithvale Primary School recognises the importance of fostering and maintaining friendship groups. We also understand that it is equally important for students to mix and learn with peers who have different interests.

If you would like your child be grouped with a particular friend or friends, please discuss this with your child as we will be asking the students to nominate a short list of friends they would like to be with the following year. We will not always be able to accommodate class placement requests, but we will endeavour to take our students’ wishes into consideration where possible.

Requests for placement with certain teachers

All teachers at Edithvale Primary School are caring and committed educators and Edithvale Primary School strives to ensure that all students are provided with a high quality education.

Whilst we appreciate that you may wish that your child would benefit from being placed in a class with a particular teacher,  we are generally unable to accommodate these requests. Our school’s leadership team and teaching staff have an in-depth understanding of each teacher’s strengths and will always endeavour to place our students with teachers who are best placed to suit their needs. Each year a limited number of teachers move into different year levels to help them grow and  develop professionally and a number of staff will also ‘share’ classes as they opt to work part time when returning from  extended leave. We do not re-allocate students to different classes during the school year.