Parent Payments 2021

New stationary pack/booklist provider for 2021… 

Please order at

COS will be supplying your 2021 stationery packs. COS is a 100% Australian Family Owned & Operated school supplier.  We’ve been working with COS to make sure your child has an easy start to the new school year.  We’ve selected the list of items your child needs to start the year and worked with COS so you can order everything you need in one go and it will be delivered direct to your home before school starts.

To ensure delivery prior to Term 1, 2021, please place your order by 11th January 2021.

Edithvale Primary School relies on support from families through the payment of educational and voluntary contributions. This financial support enables our school to provide a wide range of curriculum programs, and maintain and develop facilities and services.

To provide our students, with diverse learning opportunities, all government schools determine how items, activities and services are classified within the three categories below, based on the learning and teaching programs of their school.

Essential Education Items – are items, activities or services the School deems essential to student learning of the standard curriculum, not totally funded through the Department of Education and Training.

Optional Items – are items, activities or services that are optional and are offered in addition to the standard curriculum. Students may access these on a user-pays basis.

Voluntary Charges – are discretionary contributions, essential for us to maintain a safe, healthy and vibrant school environment for your children. We are heavily reliant on these donations as they allow us to provide facilities and programs that are not otherwise funded through State Government funding. Without these contributions, we may not be able to offer the many resources that benefit your child at Edithvale Primary School, including maintenance and replacement of classroom fixtures, fittings and furniture as well as any minor works, improvements and maintenance of our school grounds and buildings.

Breakdown of the
Voluntary Financial Contributions

  • Educational Support
  • Buildings
  • Grounds
  • Student First Aid Care