School Council

Edithvale Primary School Council

  • Is the focal point for decision making on overall school policies
  • Is accountable to the local school community and to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
  • Is a representative body with a membership reflecting the important partnership between student, teacher and home
  • Is the governing body of the school

School Council meets regularly, generally on the third Tuesday of every month. Our School Council has sub committees which meet separately and make recommendations to School Council in their specific areas of responsibility. Sub Committees meet at arranged times throughout each term.

Membership: The Principal, 3 teachers and 8 parents elected by the parent community. Each member has a term of office of two years. Elections are held each year.

2024 School Council

The table below outlines the new School Council for 2024:

  • Hayley Grindley – Acting Principal
  • Lisa Haines
  • Maddi Hellar
  • Vicki John
  • Andrew Murray – President
  • Katie Tobin – Vice President
  • Olga Bowers-Taylor – Treasurer
  • Natalie Firth
  • Briony Joy
  • Alysha Murton
  • Ash Whitfield


Community Engagement
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Alysha Murton
  • Maddi Heller
EPS Families
  • Katie Tobin
  • Sandra Dovey
  • Vicki John
Buildings & Grounds
  • Ash Whitfield 
  • Briony Joy
  • Lisa Haines
  • Hayley Grindley
  • Olga Bowers Taylor
  • Hayley Grindley
  • Andrew Murray
  • Sandie Wishart
  • Dianne Cameron