March 2020

Art has been mobile this past term while we await our brand new art room.

However, having art on a cart has not impacted the creativity, productivity and beauty of our Edithvale artists’ artwork.

Foundation students had so much fun making these 3D line sculptures;

Year 1 students have been channelling some inspiration from artist Romero Britto, in making these beautifully patterned love hearts;

Year 2 students have been learning about light and shadow in science classes so we conjured up some parallel creativity with these silhouette pictures in our art lessons.

Year 3 students have been learning about landscape art and weaving. You can see the different stages in these pictures as the artwork progresses from an oil pastel landscape, to a tree weaving project with a landscape background.

Year 4 students have been learning about different artists that use the love heart motif and simultaneously trialling different art making mediums. So many skills in the bank ready for the next project;

Check out these beautiful self portraits by our year 5 and 6 students. They are drawn with chalk pastels and, as you can see, display such delicate beauty;