Term 3 - August 13th (F-2)

Week beginning August13th – Foundation to Year 2

Numbers as Shapes

Here are the numbers 1 to 6 drawn using coloured squares:

We can call these numbers squares, rectangles or sticks.

1 is a square but just a single one.

  • We can’t make 2 into a square so 2 is a stick.
  • We can’t make 3 into a square or a rectangle so 3 can only be a stick.
  • We can make 4 into a square.
  • We can’t make 5 into a square or a rectangle, so 5 can only be a stick.
  • We can’t make 6 into a square, but we can make 6 into a rectangle.

If you had 7 yellow squares, what could you make them into? A square, a rectangle or a stick? How about 8 squares?

Try this with the numbers up to and including 20.

  • Which ones can only be sticks?
  • Which ones can make rectangles?
  • Which ones are squares?
  • What do you notice?

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