Term 3 - August 27th (F-2)

Week beginning August27th – Foundation to Year 2

6 Beads 

If you put three beads onto a tens/units abacus you could make the numbers 3, 30, 12 or 21.

Explore the numbers you can make using six beads.

I used six lego bricks to pretend they were beads on an abacus. I started with six bricks on one side (the units) to make 6 then swapped it to the tens side to make 60.

I then took one brick and moved it over to the units side to make 51, then swapped them over (making 15).

I moved another from the 5 to the 1.

Then I repeated the process until I got to three on each side.

Answers: 6,60,15,51,42,24 and 33.

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