Term 1 - March 18th (3-6)

Year 3 to Year 6: Three Square: Some Secret Codes

Here is the alphabet:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

I have made a code that means we move 3 places to the left to discover what the code stands for. But what will happen to

a b c ?

They pick up the letters left over at the end of the alphabet so that they become

x y z

You can think of the letters as if they were arranged on a wheel like this:

So can you work out what these codes stand for?

sdw – d – fdnh,

wkh – zhvw – zlqg – eorzv,

brx – duh – zrunlqj – kdug

Can you invent some messages of your own?

Can you create some different ways of coding?

Happy Math Sharing!

sdw – d – fdnh = pat a cake

wkh – zhvw – zlqg – eorzv = the west wind blows

brx – duh – zrunlqj – kdug = you are working hard

nrich is awesome = qulfk – lv – dzhvrph

world peace = zruog – shdfh

math is fun = pdwk – lv – ixq

Think of a word in the dictionary then take the one before it and spell that word backwards e.g.

a = starter word

zoom-lens = word before a in dictionary

a = snel-mooz
(for word before starter word spelt backwards).

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