Term 2 - June 11th (F-2)

Foundation to Year 2: Making Sticks

Kimie and Sebastian were making sticks from interlocking cubes. Kimie made blue sticks two cubes long. Sebastian made red sticks three cubes long. They both made a lot of sticks.

Kimie put her blue sticks end to end in a long line. Sebastian put his red sticks end to end in a line underneath Kimie’s.

Can they make their lines the same length? How many sticks could Kimie use? How many would Sebastian put down? How long is the line altogether?

Kimie needs three sticks, Sebastian needs two, the line is 6 altogether.

Other solutions are:

  • Kimi 6, Sebastian 4, Length 12
  • Kimi 9, Sebastian 6, Length 18
  • Kimi 12, Sebastian 8, Length 24

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