Term 3 - September 9th (3-6)

Year 3 to Year 6: Amy’s Dominoes

Amy has a box containing ordinary domino pieces but she does not think it is a complete set.

She has 24 dominoes in her box and there are 125 spots on them altogether.

Which of her domino pieces are missing?

I wrote down all different dominoes in order (0:0, 0:1, 0:2…6:6), I counted them all and there were 28.

It told me that Amy had four dominoes missing.

I then added all the spots on the dominoes together and made a total of 168.

It told me that Amy was missing 43 spots.

I was looking for four dominoes that totalled 43 spots.

I began with the highest domino (6:6) because we had to get a high number (43) with a low number of dominoes.

I worked out that the missing were 6:6, 5:6, 5:5 and 4:6. These four dominoes totalled the missing amount of 43 spots!

Amy needs to look after her dominoes by putting them in a safer place!

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