Term 4 - November 4th (mild)

Maths Share has changed. Each fortnight you will receive a page of problems. There are 3 levels: mild, hot or spicy. Choose which level you’d like to have a go at and place your entry in the NEW entry box at the office! Two winners will be drawn out each week. Happy Maths Sharing!

THE MILD PROBLEM: Mixed-up Socks

Start with three pairs of socks. Now mix them up so that no mismatched pair is the same as another mismatched pair.

Now try it with four pairs of socks. Is there more than one way to do it?

B + G = pair
B + O = pair
G + O = pair

For four pairs of socks we found three ways. For example if the fourth pair is purple:

1. Green-Blue, Green-Purple, Red-Purple, Red-Blue
2. Red-Green, Green-Purple, Purple-Blue, Red-Blue
3. Green-Blue, Red-Purple, Purple-Blue, Red-Green

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