About Us

Welcome To Edithvale Primary School

Edithvale Primary School was established in 1913 and is situated in an environmentally sensitive area between the beach and the wetlands, 28 km south of Melbourne. Our current enrolment is 520 students and there are 24 class groups.

About Edithvale Primary School

The school was established in 1913 in an environmentally sensitive area between Port Phillip Bay beaches and the Edithvale Wetlands of the Karrum Karrum Swamp. We held our Centenary Celebrations, in May 2013.

Did you know?

One of the many birds that populate the Edithvale Wetlands is the Latham’s Snipe. This bird travels from Japan to Southern Victoria. This is a trip of 7,000 kilometres! They fly for hours and hours at a time.

We are Edithvale Primary and we are Respectful, Kind and Determined.

We believe these to be the cornerstones of a strong culture of learning and development.

Respect includes –
  • displaying good manners to all members of our community
  • caring for ourselves and others
  • caring for our shared environment
  • displaying understanding for the diversity in our community/world.
Kindness includes –
  • having thoughtful and positive interactions with all students, staff and community members
  • demonstrating empathy toward others
  • appreciating and understanding diversity
Determination includes –
  • working hard each day and to the best of your ability
  • displaying personal and academic grit to do your best, always.
  • displaying a growth mindset: positive actions, behaviours, words and choices

Our educational priority is to promote high quality teaching and learning practices in a safe and stimulating learning environment. We work collaboratively with all community members to ensure that we reach our goals as set in the strategic plan.