Message from the principal

Welcome to our great school!

At Edithvale Primary we recognise and understand the diverse learning needs of each and every one of our students. Our committed staff and dedicated parent community strive to provide a learning environment that focuses on students’ wellbeing and encourages and fosters creative thinking and curiosity.

We are Edithvale Primary and we are Respectful, Kind and Determined.

We believe these to be the cornerstones of a strong culture of learning and development.

Respect includes –

  • displaying good manners to all members of our community
  • caring for ourselves and others
  • caring for our shared environment
  • displaying understanding for the diversity in our community/world.

Kindness includes –

  • having thoughtful and positive interactions with all students, staff and community members
  • demonstrating empathy toward others
  • appreciating and understanding diversity

Determination includes –

  • working hard each day and to the best of your ability
  • displaying personal and academic grit to do your best, always.
  • displaying a growth mindset: positive actions, behaviours, words and choices

We encourage each of our students to recognise their unique significance to our school community and support and guide them as they explore their interests and abilities.

Edithvale Primary School has a strong commitment to:

  • Students’ wellbeing
  • the safety, welfare and development of each child

  • students with the best possible education in a friendly, stimulating, success-oriented and rewarding learning environment

  • a flourishing extra-curricula program

  • a strong home-school partnership with parental involvement in school activities and decision making to maximise opportunities for all students

  • a caring environment incorporating: Buddies, Restorative practices and processes that clearly explain our values and expectations of behaviour

  • a wide range of special programs, including PE, French, The Arts, ICT, Instrumental Music, Developing leadership skills whereby student voice is valued and encouraged, empowering students to be active participants in the learning process.

If you would like to find out more about our great school, please call and make an appointment to come in and chat about the extensive learning opportunities we offer for your child.

Hayley Grindley (Acting Principal)