Term 2 Week 7 Update


Dear Families

‘We can’t live in the past, but the past lives in us’ – Charles Perkins

Student Leaders’ MND Event

Today was a day that our school community can be very proud of. With the support of our families and great student leadership, we shone a light on MND and helped raised funds to battle this beast. I am grateful for the involvement of so many staff who took the plunge alongside other members of our broader community who all jumped at the chance to support this cause. Students loved the outfits and embraced the day which added to the energy and laughter this afternoon.

A huge thanks to all family members who turned out to support us and a massive thanks to Mr. Nathan Pearson who was instrumental in creating such a wonderful school event.

Included here is a link to a video sent through to me earlier this week. It’s a couple of years old but has some thought provoking ideas contained within. The public face of MND – Neale Daniher – shares his ‘wish’ and thoughts about ‘opportunity’ and ‘persistence’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H_aAmL-1NI

Parent partnership meetings are now Open in COMPASS

Student reports provide meaningful information for teachers, students and their parents/carers on students’ achievement and progress against clearly defined standards; this includes what has been learned and how well, where improvement is needed, and what could be done next.

In the final week of this term our staff will be available to discuss your child’s end of Semester 1 report (accessible on Compass from C.O.B Friday 16 June).

Face to Face meetings are planned for the hour either side of normal pick up (2:30pm – 4:30 pm) and an online option via Webex meetings will be available for families from (4:30 – 7:00 pm approx.) who are unable to make the earlier meetings at school.

As a general rule:

Our Foundation – Year 2 staff will be available on Wednesday 21 June
Our Year 3- 6 staff will be available on Thursday 22 June
Our Specialist team have limited availability across both evenings

Finally, I am taking a little bit of leave from school to travel with our family over the next few weeks. Our great school will be ably led by Hayley and Sandy during this time and I will look forward to hearing about the many successes of our students when we get back to work on Day 1 of Term 3.

Key dates in Term 2

  • Friday 16 June – Semester 1 reports go ‘live’ on COMPASS
  • Wednesday and Thursday 21 & 22 June- Parent Partnership meetings
  • Friday 23 June- Final assembly at 2:00pm with an early dismissal at 2:30 pm
  • Monday 10 July – First day of Term 3.
  • Wednesday 2 August to Friday 4 August – Year 4 Camp

Student Free days

  • Friday August 25
  • Monday November 6
  • Wednesday December 20

James Whitla

I wish to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which this is being read – for most of us – the
Bunurong- members of the eastern Kulin Nations – and pay my respects to elders past present and emerging. I
wish to acknowledge our First Nations people and pay respects to them. I note further that these lands were
never ceded and are, and always will be, Aboriginal Lands.