Let's Get Active


Good morning

We are forwarding this (from DET) today in the hope we can encourage our students to stay active while learning from home. The link below has some fabulous activities (for both inside and outside) that could be useful on a day like today.

When children participate in regular physical activity, it boosts their physical and mental health and improves academic performance.

Physical activity throughout the day also improves concentration, and the ability to retain information and solve problems.

There are many benefits to being active and getting your move on, but a lot of children aren’t moving enough, particularly while learning from home.

15 minutes 4 times a day is all it takes.

To help support your children to stay active while learning from home, families can access a range of free COVIDSafe ideas to stay active and games  through Get Active Victoria.

Families should remember that whatever gets children moving, gets them active.

Take care and stay safe

James Whitla