Weekly Update - Term 2 Week 1


Good Afternoon EPS families,

Welcome to Term 2 and it has been terrific to be back and enjoying the energy created by excited students.

For those who have ventured on to the school grounds, you will have already noticed a new relocatable building on the back of the oval that has been kindly allocated to us by the Department. It will take a few weeks to fit out and be ready for occupation and the building will give us some flexible spaces to use for learning and teaching.

You may also have noticed some landscaping that has been completed along Edithvale Rd as part of an Indigenous Community Garden Grant that we received last year. It looks great now, and will look even better when we are able to plant out the space using native shrubs and grasses – which we are aiming to do at our Working Bee next week.

Tip of The week- After hearing from Stuart Taylor (Springfox.com) we have been encouraging our staff to continue to improve our wellbeing by making small changes. Reports back have been very positive so far and some of the tips we are trying to include in our daily practice are listed here

Take steps towards building Resilience by Mastering Stress and Energising Body

Breathe- when in Doubt, breathe out
Be present- Challenge the future forecast that is causing stress and return to the present
Exercise – Enjoy 30 minutes of exercise of your choice, most days of the week
Sleep – Maintain same wake up time, avoid caffeine after 2pm. Prepare for sleep with a brain ‘cool down’ with no screen exposure, at least one hour before bed
Nutrition – Resist the temptation of sugar and unhealthy snack cravings. Replace these instead with nuts fruit or low GI alternatives

Working Bee – Friday 30 April from 3:30 – 5:30pm.
This will be the first working bee that we have held at school for a number of years and we are hoping that we can use this time to help reconnect with each other and improve the school. We have a few big tasks that we need a hand with and if you have any time to spare, straight after school (weather permitting) next week, we’d love to have your help. Tasks include:

  • Establishing a vegetable garden
  • Planting of native grasses, shrubs and trees in our newly landscaped Indigenous garden
  • Staining the Art studio decking

If you are able to attend, please bring a pair of gloves to help with the works listed above. Any shovels, wheelbarrows (the school has a few already) that could be leant to us for the afternoon will be very helpful too.

There will be a BBQ provided for everyone who turns up on the day and of course, kids are very welcome to join in. There will be a sign up sheet on the day that we will ask participants to register with too.

Calendar of Term 2 Events
This has now been distributed via COMPASS and is current as of today.

Term 1 Canteen Price List  Term 2 Calendar 2021

The calendar will be updated regularly as more events and dates get locked in throughout the Term.

Have a great weekend