Weekly Overview and Family Fun Challenge


Dear Families,

Thankyou for your support, patience and positivity during this week.
We have started our assent up the remote learning mountain and hoping that everyone has survived the week.
“Check the ropes and the screws before entering a ladder. Cross the ladders slowly and carefully. Sometimes a nearby avalanche or heavy wind sets the ladder in motion. Just stay calm and focus on each step and you’ll be fine”-a climber’s guide to Everest

We are all new to the Covid-19 Remote Learning Phase 2 scenario and the challenge for our entire Edithvale Primary School community, will be learning to cope with an unpredictable but very different future when we finally contain COVID-19  and  we need to be kind to ourselves and each other.

Our model and structure of teaching this time around takes a longer term view of remote learning. It is designed to help build upon students’ skills and content knowledge in a manner that is more akin to what they are used to during face to face teaching. We will continue to refine and develop our model and adapt to the almost daily changes to the educational landscape

We will also continue to try and create opportunities to help enhance the health and wellbeing of our students and families

Each Friday, and over the upcoming weekends, there might be an opportunity for families to engage in a few activities from our Games that Build Resilience handbook. One of these is attached, and having tried this with family and friends before, I can attest to the challenge, frustration and ultimate excitement that comes when you experience success
For anyone looking for more activities, games or tasks to complete with your child and/or family, you may wish to explore a DET endorsed website at this link  https://fuse.education.vic.gov.au/Pages/funathome

These activity ideas are provided for parents to use with their children at home and provide fun, stimulating activities that can be used as described or adapted and built upon as desired.

The quality learning tasks are mostly self-directed, meaning many children can work through the tasks by themselves. They are generally open-ended and can be interpreted by children of differing ages to suit their own capabilities/strengths. Enjoy and have fun!

Stay safe and take care


James Whitla