Edi Explorers Rally

Dear Families,

Thank you for joining us on our ‘Edi Explorers Rally’. This is a completely OPTIONAL activity. We sincerely hope that you enjoy this activity and a chance to get in some exercise as well as seeing some of our staff on the streets of Edithvale.

Our first ever Edi Explorers rally will be held between 1pm and 2pm on Friday September 10

It’s designed to be a bit of fun and a chance for teachers, students and families to see each other. At the same time, students will be learn about direction, map reading and do some exercise, noting that this is a permitted reason to leave the house.

This ‘rally’ involves students, who will need to be with family members to ensure this is a safe activity, riding, scooting or walking through parts of Edithvale searching for clues. Different teachers and support staff members will be scattered around the streets and they will BE the ‘clues’ to solving a crossword. We will have an electronic version available on the website that can be downloaded too

Term 1 Canteen Price List Edi Explorers Rally Crossword
Term 1 Canteen Price List Edi Explorers Rally (Answers)

It is planned at a time that we hope will fit in with the work schedules of as many families as possible and also aims to fit within the school staff planning day schedule.

While on the rally, we ask that families follow mask wearing and social distancing requirements so we can make this activity as safe as possible. This means we might not see the smiles of our community as much, but we will know that they are there

We have tried to keep the positioning of staff to streets, roads and avenues that attract the least amount of traffic and it is important that our students, for safety reasons, complete the challenge under adult supervision. Families can choose to walk, ride, scoot or run safely together and try to find the clues that will help solve the crossword puzzle.

The black dots on the attached map indicate where our staff will be situated on the day and each staff member will be a CLUE to help answer the questions.

The answers to the crossword can be found during the rally and a list of Staff Names are included here to help complete the crossword challenge.


TROTTER   ●   DAVIS   ●   HOWES   ●   MURPHY   ●   HARDEN   ●   WHITNELL   ●   KEOGH