Further Facemask Update


Dear Families,

Apologies for interrupting your weekend with another message but as we pride ourselves on doing, we are getting this information to our community as soon as we can so that we can keep our families as up to date as possible with information coming from the Department of Education.

There are two attachments that I have received from the DET in the last hour that aim to provide direction and support for our students and broader community to keep us safe.

I encourage you to read the summary provided here and take the time to read through each attachment.

To support the staged return of schools to onsite learning the Victorian Chief Health Officer has announced new directions in relation to mask wearing for primary school students.

These new changes will come into effect from Monday 18 October in ALL regional and metropolitan primary schools.

  • Face masks will now be mandatory for all school students in Grade 3 and above when indoors including at Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) programs unless a lawful exception applies. Face masks can be removed while outdoors at primary schools.
  • Face masks are strongly recommended for Prep to Grade 2 students.
  • For composite classes that include students in and above Grade 3 and below Grade 3, those below Grade 3 are strongly encouraged to wear masks.
  • For students with a disability, parents and carers should speak to the child’s doctor or regular health professional and with their school about the best methods to encourage mask wearing.  Parents can also contact the Disability Liaison Officer program for more information.
  • Students with a medical condition that prevents mask use will not be required to wear a mask.
  • Face masks are required for students in Grade 3 to Grade 6 unless an exception applies. Exceptions include students with a physical or mental disability where their disability means it would not be suitable. Parent/carers of a student/s who meet the criteria for an exception must provide their approval in writing for their child/ren to not wear a mask (indoors) at school.

As always, thank you for your efforts to keep our community safe.

Enjoy the weekend and stay strong,

James Whitla