September 10th Update


Dear Families

Regional Victoria has welcomed back their Foundation- Year 2 students for the last week of this term and although Metropolitan Melbourne schools remain closed, this announcement provides us with some hope. Consistently over the last  12-18 months our schools have followed a similar path back to normal as our regional counterparts and we are excited at the prospect of welcoming some, if not all, students back for the start of Term 4. There has been NO official communication to us yet about what school will look like next Term and as soon as any announcements are made, we will be sure to let you  know what they are and what they might mean for us all.

Device Free Day
We hope that today’s offline learning and that everyone able to make it to our Edi Explorers Rally had a good time learning, exercising and connecting with other members of our community.

Disconnecting from all the devices offers us the chance to reset. It can also help us to make stronger connections with those around us. Digital connections lack the depth and breadth of the senses we usually experience in the real world – sounds, smells, and touch. I know that all of our staff are craving connection with our students and the broader community and I am sure that our students are feeling the same desire for connection.

Today was all about connecting with others rather than connecting to the internet.

The answers to the crossword are attached for all those who participated.

Term 1 Canteen Price List Edi Explorers Rally (Answers)

The Resilience Project – Ideas to bring wellbeing into day-to-day life.

Included in the link below are some activities and exercises that you may enjoy doing in the coming days and weeks. By giving these exercises a go, you can check-in and support the mental health of everyone in your home: yourself, housemates, family and pets alike!

These activities focus on the The Resilience Project’s wellbeing principles; gratitude, empathy, mindfulness (GEM) and emotional literacy.

These wellbeing principles are simple and supported by research that shows practising them everyday will help you feel happier and more resilient. Like anything in life if you want to become better at something, you just need to practise!

Take care and stay safe

James Whitla