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Dear Edithvale Families

I hope that this finds you safe and healthy and that the developments over the last few weeks have not impacted upon you too greatly. As Term 2 approaches I am hoping that the following information can assist in preparing for any remote learning that we may have to undertake in the coming weeks.
I wish to also acknowledge that the social isolation we are all experiencing has delivered unwanted anxiousness and created different contexts that we are all experiencing right now. Now, more than ever, our parents are essential partners in the learning and experiences we aim to provide our children.

For many, the next few weeks and months could be the toughest thing you may ever have to do- work from home AND support your child’s learning. Some of us will feel pessimistic and distressed. Some, maybe hopeful and positive. I am very confident that our Edithvale community spirit and character will get us through the darkest times. All of our journeys will be different and all of us will have challenges to overcome.

As we enter unchartered waters together, we want to assure you that we are doing all that we can to prepare ourselves to ensure the remote learning addresses these 4 important focus areas.

Connection   Communication  Care  Curriculum Content

Our hope is that all members of our Edithvale primary school community can continue to feel connected with each other throughout the remote learning period. Hence a large focus of our ‘school day’ will be on keeping students and teachers connected. When schools, and life, gets back to ‘normal’ the most connected students, families and teachers will be the ones most ready to continue their learning back at school without missing a beat.

A key to this connection will be the various methods of communication to our students and families that we will employ. These may take the form of email, phone calls, conferencing, SEESAW messages to name a few. We’ll be seeking feedback from every family so that we can understand your individual situation and support you and your child in the remote learning space. Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” —John C. Maxwell. Our staff care deeply for each of our students and will have a strong focus on their health and wellbeing.

The curriculum content included in the remote learning will evolve. It will look and feel different to traditional learning. It will take longer to complete online than in a classroom. The learning will be flexible and offer choice for students. Our school may not look the same as other schools in our neighbouring suburbs as we explore the options that remote learning offers but it will provide engaging and relevant learning opportunities.

The attached document details some of the remote learning tips and expectations we have and outlines a number of key aspects of this new frontier.

I will continue to provide further updates and details as we approach the start of Term 2- Wednesday April 15- and as information is provided to me through the Department of Education. Please stay safe and healthy

James Whitla

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