Teams working within our school


Student Leadership provides an opportunity for students to actively participate in the decision making processes at our school. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles in an endeavour to increase their own leadership skills and to act as effective role models for others. They are encouraged to develop a sense of belonging to the school community and they are provided with opportunities to offer their views and ideas.

Student Voice Team

The Student Voice Team consists of representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 and the elected SVT leaders act as an executive for the group.

Our Student Voice Team provides input to assist decision-making in areas such as the following:

Special Events Social Services Student Activities
Yard Cleanliness Assemblies Playground Rules
School Rules Safety Uniform
Charity Work Awareness Campaigns

School Captains
At the end of each year, Year 4 & 5 students vote to recommend their preferred male and female school captains for the following year. Their choices are ratified by staff.

House Captains
The school has four houses for various sport and civic competitions and activities. Two captains are elected for each house from Year 6 and one from Year 5. The houses are:

  • Cook Yellow
  • Murray Red
  • Tasman Blue
  • Flinders Green

House Captains have the responsibility for organising sports teams, monitoring sports equipment and organising class and duty competitions and activities.

Year 6 Responsibility
All Year 6 students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and responsibility in their final year at Edithvale Primary School. Duties may include:

  • Assemblies
  • Bike Shed
  • Peer Support/Peer Mediation
  • ICT Centre
  • Community Service
  • Environment
There are a range of sub committees including:
Finance Committee Fair Committee
Buildings & Grounds Committee Education Committee
Grants / Activities / Fundraising Committee

Edithvale Primary School Council

  • Is the focal point for decision making on overall school policies.
  • Is the governing body of the school.
  • Is a representative body with a membership reflecting the important partnership between student, teacher and home.
  • Is accountable to the local school community and to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.
  • School Council meets regularly, generally on the second Tuesday of every month. Our School Council has sub committees which meet separately and make recommendations to School Council in their specific areas of responsibility. Sub Committees meet at arranged times throughout each term.

Membership: The Principal, 3 teachers and 8 parents elected by the parent community. Each member has a term of office of two years. Elections are held each year.


Every year when we celebrate the contributions of our Parent Volunteers, it gives us great pride to see so many people in attendance and contributing to the strong school community we have. At Edithvale Primary School we believe strongly that an effective partnership between the school and home greatly improves your child’s chances of success at school.

Your participation and opinions on a wide range of issues will be sought. You will be encouraged to take part in workshops, information nights, and to become actively involved in our school community.

Classroom Helpers Program
Parents and community members who wish to be involved in the Early Years program will be encouraged to offer practical assistance in the Foundation – 2 Classrooms.

At different times, teachers will request your assistance or participation in a variety of ways.

Some Ways to Be Involved:

  • Typing children’s stories at the school
  • Reading to children and/or hearing children read
  • Working with small groups in Literacy and Numeracy programs across the school
  • Supervising groups on excursions and camps
  • Assisting with school improvements at Working Bees
  • Attending theme days and sports afternoons
  • Attending school assemblies
  • Helping with our swimming program

The emphasis is on helping IN the classroom rather than the withdrawal of students for reading. All classroom helpers attend a training program, which introduces the various activities they may be involved in while assisting in classroom programs.

Parent training programs will be conducted in Term 1.

All parents assisting in classrooms and on excursions will need to have a current Working With Children check.

Parents who are helping in the school are requested to sign in on the iPad at the office and collect a Visitors badge. This is a safety arrangement for you and your children, and to assist the staff in case of emergency.