Term1 - Week 5 - February 24 - Spicy

Maths Share has changed. Each fortnight you will receive a page of problems. There are 3 levels: mild, hot or spicy. Choose which level you’d like to have a go at and place your entry in the NEW entry box at the office! Two winners will be drawn out each week. Happy Maths Sharing!

THE SPICY PROBLEM: Ordering numbers riddle

Ms Smith is 56 years old. Ms Chu is 49 years old. I know that Mr Taylor is older than Ms Chu. Ms Smith is older than Mr Taylor. How old might Mr Taylor be?

How many different answers can you find?

Download the problem here:

VolunteerLetter2019  Maths Share Term 1 Week 5 (128 KB) – 23-Feb-2020

Come back soon for the solution.

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