A quick update with more to follow


Dear Families

Thank you again for your truly extraordinary contribution over the last fortnight to help us deliver a suite of learning opportunities and provide support for your child during another challenging time. Your efforts have helped maintain continuity of our students’ learning and supported their wellbeing.

We return to face-to-face learning and teaching this Friday June 11 and we are excited to welcome our students back to school and start the process of successfully re-engaging them in more familiar face to face work.

There will be again be restrictions placed on us and how we operate as a school; and these will be largely similar to those that have been in place in Regional Victorian schools over the last week.

This has included a restriction to on-site attendance for anyone other than essential visitors – which includes student support service personnel, psychologists etc). If this is the case we will again be faced with having students and staff ONLY on site and entering through designated gates, for the next few days. If we can have parents on-site, and do this safely, we will.

Excursions and school tours are probably off the table too.

This is NOT official and I’m flagging this now in the hope that it might help your planning for Friday’s return to school and any conversations you may have with your child about changes to school operations.

It is likely that Metropolitan schools will follow a similar pathway out of lockdown as Regional Victorian schools – and in essence be one week behind their easing of restrictions.

As always, once we have been officially informed what is happening and authorised to share, we will do so.  This may be as late as tomorrow night and we respectfully request that you please keep a close eye on your COMPASS feed for official notification from the Department and our school.

Stay safe and keep warm

James Whitla

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