Term 3 - July 16th (F-2)

Week beginning July 16th – Foundation to Year 2

You have been imprisoned at the top of the Tall Tower by the Wicked Magician! You can get out by climbing down the ladders. As you come down you collect useful spells. You can go down the ladders and through the doorways into the adjoining room but you cannot go into the same room twice, nor climb up the ladders. The numbers in the rooms show how many spells there are in each one.

Which way should you go to collect the most spells?

And which way to collect as few as possible?

Can you find a route that collects exactly 35 spells?

The highest amount was 53 by 1,3,4,6,5,7,8,10,9.

The lowest amount was 25 by 1,3,4,6,5,7,9.

The one that equals 35 is 1,3,4,6,5,7,9

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