Term 4 - November 19th (3-6)

Week beginning November 19th – Year 3 to 6

The Puzzling Sweet Shop

Ruby went into the sweet shop with 10¢ to spend. There were chews for 2¢, mini eggs for 3¢, Chocko bars for 5¢ and lollypops for 7¢.

What could she buy if she wanted to spend all her money?

  • Leo, Kai, Sara and Harry went into the shop too. They each had 20¢ to spend and they all spent all of their money.
  • Leo bought at least one of each kind of sweet. Which one did he have two of?
  • Kai spent his money on just one kind of sweet, but he does not like chews. Which sweets did he buy?
  • Sara bought the same number of sweets as Kai but she had 3 different kinds. Which sweets did she buy?
  • Harry chose 8 sweets. What could he have bought?

Rosie can buy:

One lollypop and one mini egg.

One chocko bar, one mini egg and one chew.

Leo bought two mini eggs. I know this because this is the only combination of sweets which add up to 20c where he bought at least one set of every sweet.

Kai bought 4 chocko bars. I know this because it is the only sweet that has a price that can divide into 20c exactly where chews are not included.

Sara bought 2 chocko bars, one lollipop and a mini egg.

Harry bought one chocko bar, one mini egg and 6 chews.

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